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See how you create a brief in Volve and share it with your agency, client or with freelancers.

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Allow your agency, your client, or your team to contribute to creative briefs.

Add collaborators to your briefs, giving them viewing, filling, and commenting permissions.

Speed up communication through innovative commenting features and quick email messaging.


Use generic brief templates suitable for most projects, or customize one adapted to your own creative approach. Write the questions and set the order of appearance...

Different question types are available for dynamic responses and quick answers: text, checkboxes, budget, timeframe, and deliverables.


Signing up on Volve is free and requires the bare minimum: an email and a password.

Collaborators can also access your briefs without being registered. Just add a password on your brief for extra security.


To achieve a complete brief, you need all sorts of files and information that can’t be embedded into a generic text document.

With Volve you can finally gather detailed specifications of deliverables and attach references, screenshots, logos, and brand guidelines.


In such a fast paced world, you need to be able to adapt quickly. Your briefs should reflect this. Don’t hold your business back with rigid documents and archived emails.

Volve briefs are flexible and can be updated any time you need.


You control who is able to access your briefs and who can contribute. All communication data is encrypted to preserve your project’s confidentiality.

And we work with the most reliable partners – Amazon, Dropbox, and Google – to ensure that your brief is always available when you need it.


All of this sounds great,
but how much is it going to cost me?



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