Create collaborative briefs now… for free!

Wondering why it's free? Simply because we'll offer paid plans with additional features later.



No bills,
completely free!

Unlimited briefs

Unlimited collaborators

50MB internal storage

Connect Dropbox or Google Drive


Stay tuned

Shared library of brief templates

Shared library of answers

Transfer brief ownership

Team-only comments

More storage

Is Volve really free?

Yes. It is not just a free trial. Volve is completely free!
We do it because we want to build a large community and get as much feedback as possible to create a great product.
It doesn't mean you'll find banner ads in the application or that we sell user data. Absolutely not! To have a sustainable activity our plan is to develop additional features and offer them in paid subscriptions.

When will the Team plan be available?

We are working on it.
Leave your email on the Plans page to be notified when it’s available. It will come with great features for marketing teams and agencies!

Where are the brief attachments stored?

The files attached to the questions of a brief are uploaded on the storage account of the brief owner, who is the user who created the brief.
By default, you get 50MB of free Volve storage. But you can connect an external storage account like Dropbox or Google Drive to store more files.

How much storage can I use?

The free Volve storage is 50MB. But most users like connecting their Dropbox or Google Drive account. When they do so, they have as much storage as is available in their external storage account.

What external storage solution can I integrate?

At the moment you can connect a Dropbox or Google Drive account. But others will be added.

Can I share a brief with someone who doesn’t have a Volve account?

Yes, absolutely. To grant access to unregistered users you just need to edit your brief, click on the paper plane icon and give rights to “Anyone with the link”.
If you grant them “filling” rights anyone with the link to the brief will be able to fill in the answers.

How do I protect the access to the brief?

The best way to protect the access to your brief is to add collaborators who have a Volve account. This way you’re sure to control who is accessing it.

If you need to let unregistered users access your brief, you can require them to enter a password.
To do that, edit your brief, click on the paper plane icon, add rights to “Anyone with the link” and check the box “Require a password for unregistered users”.

Is it possible for users that I don’t know to find my brief?

We do not make the URL to your brief public and we do not let search engines index the content. Then it is only up to you to add collaborators and share the URL.

Where is the data hosted

The data of your briefs is hosted with Amazon Web Services in a secured environment, constantly backed up and monitored. The files that you or your collaborators attach to the briefs can also be hosted directly onto your own Dropbox or Google Drive account.

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