Sharing & Collaborators FAQ

Who can access my brief?

When the brief is created, only you – as the brief owner – have access to it.

But you can add collaborators and you can also make the brief accessible to “Anyone with the link”.


Can someone find my brief on Google?

No, your brief is not indexed on Search Engines.

Only if you share the url of your brief or add collabotators will others be able to access it.


Who can add collaborators?

Only the brief owner – the person who created the brief – and the collaborators with “Invite” rights can add new collaborators and edit rights.


What types of rights can I give to collaborators?

View: to view the answers, comments and attachments

Edit: to fill in and edit answers

Comment: to post comments and send emails

Invite: to add or remove collaborators and edit the rights of the existing ones


What is “Anyone with the link” for?

You can let people access your brief even if they don’t have a Volve account.

Granting rights to “Anyone with the link” allows anyone access the brief, provided they have the URL.


When you add in your list of collabotarors the email address of someone who is not registered on Volve, this user will automatically have the same rights as “Anyone with the link” since we won’t be able to identify him/her individually.


Do collaborators need to have a Volve account?

No, they don’t. As long as you grant rights to “Anyone with the link”, users without a Volve account can access your brief.

It’s better when your collabotarors have a Volve account though as you can understand who is posting each comment. Also, you can better customise the rights you’re giving to each collaborator.


Can I change the rights of a collaborator?

Yes, at any time.


What is the brief password for?

If you grant rights to “Anyone with the link”, you may want to secure the access to your brief with a password.

The collaborators who are registered on Volve won’t be requested to enter the password, as they are identified and authorised. But the users who are not registered on Volve will be requested to enter the password to access the brief.


Only the brief owner can add or edit the brief password.

For security purposes, nobody can view it, even in the brief settings. Therefore the brief owner needs to communicate it to the collaborators who will be requested to enter it.


What happens if a collaborator signs up to Volve?

If you add a collaborator who doesn’t have a Volve account, it’s totally fine to have this person signing up afterwards. The user will continue accessing the brief with the same rights and there are two new benefits:

  • when this user posts a comment, the comment will be associated with his/her name instead of being anonymous
  • you can customise the rights of this particular user without affecting the rights of “Anyone with the link”

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